It’s taken a while, I’ve had a WordPress account for a couple of years. In real life I am a woman of many and strong opinions. I am impulsive and express them often, but I also like to think and reflect. I haven’t written a blog before today.

Processing this mornings news after initial shock and horror, these are my thoughts:

I am instinctively political, though have never belonged to a specific party. I am an individual, not a joiner. Naturally inclined towards the left as I believe the strong, the privileged, the capable, the talented should support the weaker, less fortunate fellow humans. There have always been those who find it harder to live independently and self-sufficiently for many reasons. We had the workhouse and asylums in the past, I thought we had moved on and developed a collective responsibility for those without family and means to survive. I believe everyone could and should be encouraged to contribute to society in some way and that different ways of contributing other than earning money should be recognised and valued.

The nasty, mean-minded, fear inspired suspicion of ‘difference’, looking for ‘otherness’ to blame has now taken over the western world – temporarily. Racism, extreme nationalism, misogyny and homophobia have become excuses for not looking in the mirror for some. The big, undeniable message is that something fundamental needs to change radically and quickly. The capitalist Neocon ‘dream’ is over but we can’t let fascistic dictator style nightmares replace it. Assuming we can avoid Armageddon or WW3 in the next four years we need to focus on what is really important, fundamental human needs and commonalities. Sustainability rather than selfishness, organic growth rather than scrabbling over each other to grab the riches. Using resources for a common good, a decent standard of living for all, globally.

The binary swinging from left to right, from rich to poor, from gay to straight, from black to white, able to disabled is pointless and time wasting. Only answer is a more inclusive, collegiate based approach where we can look at practical things that matter to ‘ordinary working people’ – Education, Health, Transport and Trade (if possible) from a less political stance and more about mutual benefit. Working together to make things happen rather than creating winner and losers. I tend towards the Utopian I know, but without dreams and aspirations where would be be. We cannot get a louder message that our political system is broken.  But nothing changes, because once in power that party, Republican or Democrat, Conservative or Labour think they can cling on to power for dear life. If Obama and Blair couldn’t affect real positive change with big majorities and multiple terms, that isn’t going to happen and we need a different approach. We need a revolution – but not like this. Time to break the pointless and negative seesawing and see the shades of grey.

If you have indulged me by reading this far, thank you for sharing in my catharsis. Let’s be part of the solution in educating others to work collectively for a positive future, the informed young are our only real hope.